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VALERIE-D is Russia's leading manufacturer of professional brushes for the beauty industry: make-up brushes, brushes for cosmetology, brushes for modeling and nail design.

All Valerie-D brushes are set, hand-assembled. Experienced masters-kistions form a hair bun, fix it with threads and a special glue cork.

All hair has a natural tip and is not trimmed.

Today, the range of Products "Valerie-D" has more than 600 types of brushes for make-up, cosmetology, modeling and nail design, as well as convenient accessories: cases, pelerinas, belts and aprons for make-up artists. The catalog also presents new types of brushes that will help you in the creation of unique and bright images. Diversity, quality and functionality are the three main features of our products, which make it increasingly popular.

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