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The Evagarden make up black Gel Eyeliner  hyperpigmented  for graphic make up, leaves a  long lasting, distinctive line with varying thickness. The revolutionary gel consistency allows for easy and comfortable use, extraordinary for a bright intense colour finish.

To be applied with EVAGARDEN make up Eye Liner Oblique Brush no. 5, which ensures a defined, smooth, even line with varying thickness. Dries quickly and is perfect all day long.
Contains vitamin E and Pomegranate extract with moisturizing and restructuring properties as well as anti-aging.

Evagarden Makeup Eye Liner 10 Black Gel Pot

Артикул: 128102
100,00 AEDЦена
  • Vitamin E (Tocopherol): anti-aging and anti-oxidant.
    Pomegranate (Punica Granatum) Fruit Sterols: increases hydration of skin; defends against environmental damages.

  • Apply with EVAGARDEN make up Eye Liner Oblique Brush no. 5 (sold separately) to outline the eyelid for a precise line with varying thickness.
    Use a small amount of product at a time,  draw a line along the lash line varying the thickness depending on the result to be obtained.
    Remove with EVAGARDEN make up Remover Tissues  or even faster with EVAGARDEN make up Bi-phasic Remover.

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