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EVAGARDEN make-up Impeccable concealer, a concealer with exceptional long-lasting coverage. Suitable in any climate, it creates a thin, light coat that follows your face as it moves. With its seaweed and chamomile extracts, it helps reduce dark areas under your eye and reduces swelling. With a pure and bright colour, along with a soft and silky texture, it is easy to blend in. The soft-focus effect instantly lights up your eyes and gives you a fresh look by covering imperfections to ensure youthful looks.
Easy to use, it naturally blends in with your complexion.

Evagarden Makeup Impeccable Concealer

  • A combination of two seaweed extracts (Ascophyllum nodosum and Asparagopsis Armata) reduces the intensity of the dark areas under your eyes and improves them. It ensures your eye contour is less fragile by providing support to the skin's micro-vascular action.
    Golden chamomile extract (Chrysanthellum Indicum): this is an active ingredient that works together with lipolysis and helps considerably reduce eye bags.

  • Apply directly on the areas to be corrected (eye bags or changes in colour) and blend with the EVAGARDEN make up Flat Brush no.8 or Lip Brush no.3 for even results. Use recommended before applying foundation.

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