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Glow Mask Evagarden make up - glitter face masks suitable for all skin types, with brightening and decidedly glamorous effects. Effective, innovative and practical, they are precious allies to cherish your skin and make it shine! A unique peel-off sparkling skin treatment that releases specific active ingredients to protect, moisturize and purify the complexion, enhancing your face with different results according to the chosen formulation. Glow Mask Evagarden Glitter Black 803 - DETOXIFYING A black coloured glitter mask with detoxifying properties to transform impure skin into perfect complexion. Glow Mask Evagarden Pearly Green 804 - MOISTURISING An energetic iridescent green mask to deliver instant moisture to thirsty skin. Glow Mask Evagarden Copper Gold 805 - SOOTHING A mask with seductive metal flares ensuring protection and instant comfort to sensitive, reactive skin.

Evagarden Glow Mask Glitter

70,00 AEDPrice
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