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EVAGARDEN make up Eye Liner is the fluid eye liner with a thin latex applicator, for quick and precise application to easily trace ultra fine to bold lines. Indispensable to underline the gaze and make it more intense, to highlight your eyes with designs from the most simple to the most sophisticated ones, as required by the new fashion trends. The fluid formula assures the line is marked, extremely light and with super long-lasting wear (Water Resistant).

Evagarden Makeup Liquid Eye Liners - Black-01

SKU: 128010
AED 68,00Prezzo
  • Stir before use.
    The special applicator assures the line is ultra defined. The colour is intense, drying quick and duration super.
    For a more natural make-up trace a thin line along the upper edge of the lashes.
    For a bolder make-up trace a bolder line, increasing thickness towards the outside.
    Even if the container is tipped it does not leak.
    Remove with the EVAGARDEN make up Removing Tissues or with EVAGARDEN make up Bi-phasic Remover.

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