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Good-bye lid lines! EVAGARDEN make up Eye Primer is the first eye primer with anti-aging properties that guarantees long wearability to eye shadow and will have you say ?bye bye? once and for all to eye lid blemishes and ?Welcome? to maximum performance of make-up products on your eyes! Its creamy formula may be worn under any type of eye shadow and improves its performance, gliding on the eye lids like velvet, smoothing and perfecting. It assures a transparent and universal finish that perfectly adapts in an invisible way to the eye lids, whatever the skin tone. The hyaluronic acid spheres work to smooth the appearance of the lighter lines and infuse deep and long-lasting moisturising to more marked ones, while soft focus evenly diffuses light. Stop to smudges, to the washed-out effect and unsightly eyelid marks. Perfect wear until it's time to remove the make-up

Evagarden Makeup Eye Primer

SKU: 130952
AED 110,00Prezzo
  • Squalane -100% plant derivative-: emollient and protective.
    Beeswax, protective.
    Sunflower seed oil (helianthus annuus seed oil): smooths, nourishes and lends suppleness.
    Vitamin E (Tocopheryl Acetate): anti-ageing and anti-oxidising properties.
    Oak (Quercus Robur) bark extract: astringent, anti-inflammatory and wound healing activity.
    Quercetin extract (Quercetin Caprylate): for an anti-oxidising and anti-free radicals effect that improves the skin's texture and suppleness.

  • Spread a light layer on the clean eyelid using the EVAGARDEN make up Flat Brush no.8 or your fingertips. After that apply the eye shadow. The eye shadow will immediately appear more intense, with a full and vibrant colour.

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