Nail Extension: Acrylic

Course Price

3'000.00 AED

Course length

3 days


Instructor Name

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Course Outcome

• 3 days / 6 hours per day. (Total of 18 Training Hours)
• Health, safety and hygiene.
• Client consultation and contra indications.
• Pros and cons of the different nail systems.
• Theory and Product Knowledge.
• Natural nail preparation and nail anatomy.
• Clear tip and white tip application.
• Acrylic chemistry.
• Acrylic application on tips.
• Natural nail gel overlay application.
• Finishing & perfecting techniques.
• Nail maintenance.
• Acrylic nail removal.
• Aftercare.
• Final examination: 45 minutes written exam & 3 Hours practical test.


• Enigma Training Academy Certification (U.A.E.)
• Alessandro International Certification (GERMANY)