Make-up: Professional

Course Price

5'000.00 AED

Course length

6 days


Course Outcome

• 6 days / 5 hours per day. (Total of 30 Training Hours)
• History of Makeup antiquity to the present day.
• Retrospective makeup through fashion.
• Skin type basic knowledge.
• Anatomy and morphological studies of different faces.
• Attitude of the make-up artist.
• Brush types and how to use them correctly.
• Corrective measures for complexion, eye, mouth and eyebrows.
• Techniques gradients, shadows and lights (3D effects using countering and highlighting).
• Make-up of the most natural to the most sophisticated.
• Makeup "mature women", "bridal make-up" and ethnicity.
• Eyelash application, eye liner styles and technics.
• Notions of light (photo shootings/fashion runways/TV).
• Make-up photo studio.
• Make-up patches (camouflage scars ...).
• Tips for adapting the techniques covered in different professional contexts (photo, runway, bridal).
• Attitude and organization on a television.
• Attitudes and organization in backstage.
• Concepts and techniques lights on trays (outdoors, day and night).
• Make-up men and women (natural, sophisticated).
• Makeup TV: hosts, columnists, guest.
• Make-up for music video.
• Installation of hairpiece used in different contexts: film, TV..
• Lighting concepts.
• Make-up techniques for studio photography.
• Color/black & white photography.
• Fashion show make-up techniques.


• Enigma Training Academy Certification (U.A.E.)
• Eva Garden International Certification (ITALY)