• Nail Extension: Acrylic

    The course is dedicated for the beginners in nail service, that want to become professional in the beauty and salon industry. The course contains all the basic knowledge required for the acrylic nail extensions and can be complemented with our acrylic coloring training. An ideal course for those with confidence and for those that want to attract the most customers.

  • Nail Extension: Gel

    Gel Nails are the latest innovation in the world of professional nail enhancements. Gel nails are odour free, hard wearing and beautiful to look at. Whether you're a beginner or an accomplished nail technician, to offer a modern service, you need to learn Gel nails.

  • Nail Art: Color Acrylic

    Course Requirements:
    It is expected that students have prior basic acrylic product knowledge and its techniques.

  • Nail Art: Color Gel

    Course Requirements:
    It is expected that students have prior basic gel product knowledge and its techniques.

  • Make-up: Basic

    This course is designed for those who want to
    have basic knowledge in make-up application, shape of the face
    and different styles that can be used on daily basis as well as special occasions.

  • Make-up: Special

    This course is designed for tomorrow's talent, seeking comprehensive training, to become a professional makeup artist, or for beauticians seeking to learn or improve fundamental make-up techniques.Basic Knowledge of make-up required.

  • Make-up: Professional

    This course allows you to master the principles of make-up and improve knowledge about special cinema/theater/TV make-up, runways/photo shoots/showroom shows make-up.
    It covers all the techniques from the basic/simple ones to the most sophisticated fashion show make-up, in-depth information about morphology and a wealth of trade secrets and tips.

  • Make-up: Fashion & Beauty

    The course is dedicated to make-up artist’s focusing on magazine editorials/covers and fashion industry. Make-up trends and style adaptation for the: designer look creations and editorial make-up look creations.

  • Hair Extension: Basic

    For professionals in the Hair Care Industry / Stylists

  • Hair Extension: Professional

    For professionals in the Hair Care Industry / Stylists

  • Hair Colouring: Advanced

    This course is about changing hair color using temporary, semi-permanent and permanent products. You will develop skills to color a full head, re-growth and the creation of highlight and low light effects. On completion of this course stylists would be able to incorporate this knowledge with any hair color lines in the industry.

  • Hair Dressing & Styling

    This course is intended for the professional hairdressers and hair stylists that want a more in depth knowledge of the new stylist and techniques from the beauty and salon industry.

  • Skin Beautician Therapist: Basic

    These courses are dedicated for the talented upcoming beauticians that want to have the knowledge and the best techniques that can be applied in every facial treatment, from the basic to the more advanced ones.

  • Body Massage & Treatment

    These courses are dedicated to the development of the massage and body treatments representing a higher qualification as a beautician and body therapist. For these courses, you have to be qualified as a beautician before undergoing the training.

  • Skin Beautician Therapist: Advanced

    This courses are dedicated to the beauticians that want to perfect their skills and knowledge for more in depth concepts and techniques about the latest treatments and procedures.