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Primer Mascara EVAGARDEN make up is an exclusive and effective white base, that amplifies the finish of every Evagarden mascara. It contains Jasminum Grandiflorum, Rhus Verniciflua and Chondrus Crispus with moisturising and soothing properties. For lashes that are intensely voluminous, extended, and full of body, yet soft and light. You apply it, dry it and cover it with the mascara of your choice. Its creamy formula enriched with volume-boosting powders provides body and structure to your lashes while keeping them soft and making it easier to apply mascara afterwards, so that it slides fluidly over your lashes, adhering perfectly, without clumping. The special applicator brush with its asymmetric design makes it easier to pick up the product and apply it optimally over the entire length of your lashes, both top and bottom. Primer Mascara Evagarden make up, the secret behind every wildly intense look. Super Long Lasting.

Evagarden Primer Lash Mascara 02

وحدة SKU: 105028N
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