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Evagarden Make up Eye Liner Pencil, twist-up eyeliner pencil that ensures allows easy, quick and accurate application.
Luminous finish that combines the precise application of an eyeliner with the smooth shaded effect of a kajal pencil. No-transfer colour that remains perfect all day long in any condition with no need for touch-ups.
Ideal for luminous and intense eye make-up, it emphasises the eye with a versatile effect - from graphic to shaded - super long lasting
Extremely versatile and super long lasting, it is the essential product for intense and precise eye make-up.

Evagarden Makeup Eye Liner Pencil

  • Vitamin E (Tocopherol): anti-oxidant

  • Luminous finish that combines marking precision and full and intense colour release.
    Excellent shading with EVAGARDEN make up Oblique Brush no.5 immediately after application. After fixing, its line remains unchanged for a long time.
    Remove with the EVAGARDEN make up Bi-phasic Remover. 
    The tip comes out by turning the pencil body and can be sharpened with the special sharpener contained in the colour capsule (which is in the end of the pencil).

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